We're incredible proud to be part of the Black & White Exhibiton as well as being the very first interactive art display available at Falmouth Art Gallery. The interactive art display will be open to the public until 22nd November.

Two tablets are available for you to start getting creative with Elements Of Pattern, which is accompanied with a television showing examples of some designs. Once you have finished a design you can print it out to take home with you.

We've had an amazing response down at Falmouth and have been told that even children as young as 18 months have been engrossed with the interactive art display. At the end of October Marlborough School spent the morning with Robert Jones who was delighted with how they use Elements Of Pattern and the wonderful designs they produced.

Falmouth Art Gallery is located next to the library in the beautiful seaside port of Falmouth. The staff are very friendly and entry is free. For more information please visit the Falmouth Gallery website.

Create Your Own DesignWith Elements Of Pattern you can produce millions of patterns and designs